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Scarlata Chocolate Offers Corporate Gift Guide

Edward Anderton

Edward Anderton serves as the managing director of Scarlata Chocolate, a premier chocolatier in Seattle, Washington, that he cofounded and that specializes in naturally sourced ingredients. In addition to overseeing the company’s daily operations, Edward Anderton launched a new program for corporate gifting: The Scarlata Corporate Gift Guide.

The gift sets for sale in Scarlata Chocolate’s Corporate Gift Guide are creative and convenient ways for business clients to strengthen client relationships, reward employees, and nurture new leads. Products include individual small and large boxes of the company’s dark chocolate confections in addition to a selection of gift packages. Corporate customers can also give their clients or business associates a surprise assortment of chocolates each month by purchasing gift subscriptions.
To make each gift more memorable, Scarlata Chocolate lets customers add handwritten notes. The chocolatier can also include the purchaser’s business card in the gift box. For more information, visit

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