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Scarlata Chocolate Offers Corporate Gift Guide

Edward Anderton

A former Microsoft program manager, Edward Anderton has a history of using structured planning and creative data insight to execute large-scale global programs. Edward Anderton is also the co-founder and managing director of Scarlata Chocolate in Seattle. Scarlata Chocolate offers a corporate gift guide for companies to connect with new business leads, thank valued clients, and show their gratitude for dedicated employees.

The gift guide includes boutique, handcrafted chocolate gift sets designed to help corporations leave a lasting impression on clients, employees, and business partners. All gift sets include at least one box of chocolates with additional items added on, depending on the selected level. The basic set comes with a small box of chocolate with the choice of either one jar of hot chocolate powder or caramel sauce.
Corporations may customize their gift set through personalized handwritten notes or write in messages handled by Scarlata Chocolate's staff. Scarlata Chocolate can also ship corporations their entire order alongside fill-in-the-blank gift cards. Gift sets may also include the corporation’s business card upon request.

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